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We are KLAR


We have 3 branches 🚀 Klarvinduer, Klarfönster, and Klarwindows in 4 countries; Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, and the UK. During the last few years, we have used technology to revolutionize an outdated industry and our aim is to continue to do so with you on board!

We help the guy or girl with a DIY attitude, who doesn't want to pay extra, to have someone else do things for them. They need a trustworthy and personal online experience and it is our job to give them that, as we continue to push the boundaries for user experience, price, and speed. ⚡️

Do your friends describe you as the person, who loves to take the challenge, are comfortable with a little chaos and uncertainty & enjoy fast speed? Then this is the place to be. We tend to ask every day "How can I create and build more value here?" rather than "What's in it for me?" This is your chance to join our ambitious tribe, now!



We sell windows to everyone: not real estate agents nor architects. They’re also welcome to buy from us of course—but we are part of the people. Everyone should live well. And this said: everyone deserves fantastic team-mates to shoot for the moon together & to be part of this creation of well-living joy for all the people out there!

The average is not enough for us. We crave more. To jump, to try, to fail, to learn, to start over smarter. Nothing awesome happens in the comfort zone. 🌟

60532 Tila Directions +3725208668


Høffdingsvej 16
2500 København Directions +3725071949


Tegelbacken 4A
111 52 Stockholm Directions +3725071949


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